How do I stream video to my Chromecast?

In case you have Google Chromecast you can watch The Rugby Channel content on big screen!

To stream video to your Chromecast device, please follow the steps below:

  • Update The Rugby Channel app and Google Home app to latest versions.
  • Connect both devices to same WiFi network.
  • Run Google Home app and check it can see your Chromecast device. There are small differences for iOS and Android versions. For examples below we used named "Office TV" for iOS and "Chromecast" - for Android.
  • CL9MlcxkCih74I46D3PvrlsSK.jpg Screenshot_20171027-175742.png
  • Open The Rugby Channel app and click on video you want to open
  • In upper corner you should see Cast icon. Tap on it.
  • OVvxGlIWaWqg8uFe3j6BsJzY1.jpg Screenshot_20171027-175910.png
  • Select your Chromecast device for streaming
  • NQz9alGjKTgeTFCQueyZbMgh8.jpg Pasted_Image_10_11_2017__12_55.png
  • Video streaming will be shown on screen. You can use your smartphone as remote control now.




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